Your Event: Exhibition, Large LED Video Wall Screen Display RentalThe visitors would stay by your Exhibition to watch everything you need to say!

Your creation deserves to be displayed at its best to leap you forward and this can be achieved by providing them an High Quality video using our technology.

Take Advantage of Our Highest Technologies

Rent LED Sharp Bright Clear Image in Toronto and GTA

LED Sharp and Bright Images
Almost full TV quality images, in both low and high lights with up to 4000Hz refresh rate ...

Rent LED Display Individual Combine screens in Toronto and GTA

Video on Multiple Screens, No Bezel
One video on all screens or combine all screens into one big video with no vertical black lines ...

Rent LED Display Flexible Foldable in Toronto and GTA

Flexible, Curvable, Foldable
Make a Curve, zigzag, fold it or even make a custom strange shape screen(s) while it is on ...

Rent Full HD Quality 1080p in Toronto and GTA

Full 1080p Live! HD Videos
Get high quality images all across the display to impress and stun your viewers ...

Rent Video Wall Easy and Fast in Minutes Set up in Toronto and GTA

Pack, Unpack and Set up in Minutes
Transportable: in small wheel boxes, Don't pay extra hours for the place to install or uninstall ...

Rent Wall Video Very Wide Viewable Visible Angle in Toronto and GTA

Watch From Any Angle
No matter where viewers are, clear images are delivered to 120°H and 120°V angles ...